Tuesday, December 4, 2012

***CONCERT*** 21:00 Friday 7th December


@ Vögelchen Eisenbahnstraße 6, Berlin. FREE ENTRY!

Anna Morley is a Australian multi-instrumentalist / composer who has recently relocated to Berlin after being based in Barcelona for the past seven years. Anna is principally a vibraphone player, however in her albums Character and Red Balance, Anna also lends her talents to violin, vocals and a range of keyboard and percussion instruments. Ann

a's music can be described as an eclectic fusion of e
lectro-acoustic vibes with a touch of ambience, all held together by fresh minimal grooves.
Charrua (Charo Rodriguez Rey) is a Uruguayan musician who explores the experimental electronic medium. He performs regulary in Berlin and also as a session dj. Charrua works with live samples, loops and various instruments.
Anna and Charrua met in Barcelona and have been playing music together ever since. Now they reunite in Berlin to reform their live project and explore new soundscapes.