Vögelchen (German for "Little bird") is a unique gem. Berlin's best charming café and underground cool bar located in Kreuzberg, between Görlitzer Park and Köpenicker Strasse. Come and enjoy drinks, live music, private parties and exhibitions. For the early-birds among us, Vögelchen opens at 2pm and stays open until the last of the night-owls fly home.

The bar offers many hidden treasures for you to discover; an over-sized station-clock (a special piece of Viennese nostalgia), a sky covered in floating crystal bottles, a forgotten room reminiscent of the Karl-May-Adventures, empty frames, lost and forgotten suitcases of unknown origin and a yet to be discovered secret closet which leads to a world of raging prom-night-style parties!

But even the littlest bird doesn't live on air and love alone... and so it seeks out other creative souls at night: 
Vögelchen is the ultimate hipster bar in Berlin. It is an open refuge of serpents, night-owls, shots and party lions. In short, Vögelchen offers—by day, evening and night— a cosy nest for you, me and all the other special little birdies.

Look at the Vögelchen Video Teaser! 

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